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Review/Swatch: Tarte Spring 2015 Collection - Tartelette eyeshadow palette

Hi everyone! :)

It's been a while.

I have been so busy over the past few weeks because someone very special to me came to visit me in the land of kangaroos! LOL
And he also bought a whole bunch of makeup goodies! I'm so excited to use and try them out.

Oh and for you Australian peeps who don't know yet, Urban Decay will finally be here in Australia! Yay!
The brand will launch in March and will be available to purchase in Mecca stores.
I'm not sure how the pricing will be for the products, but the prices of Mecca products aren't too bad so hopefully the products won't be too expensive,

Anyway, today I have a review and swatch for you guys on the new Tarte Cosmetics Tartelette eye shadow palette. This palette is a part of their Spring 2015 Collection and contains 12 all-matte shades. To my knowledge, this palette is also limited edition (please correct me if it's not limited edition).

Pricing: Retails for $44 (can be found at Sephora (US), Ulta, QVC? and on the official Tarte website)

Packaging: The packaging of this palette is in a shiny gold case and is almost the size of a cd case - just thicker in width. Though I do find it a little hard to open sometimes, it's very secure and very travel friendly.
It contains a full-sized mirror that is able to stand on it's own which I think is very convenient and again, this makes it very travel appropriate.
Personally, I wish the packaging of the palette was different to the box. Although it's cute, the palette itself feels quite cheap for what you pay. Also, if you're one of those people who get annoyed with finger prints getting all over their palettes, then it might be a little bothersome for you. But if you're not that easily fussed, then it shouldn't be a problem at all.
I also love that the names of the shades are printed on the actual case rather than the little plastic cover.

My thoughts: This palette contains a variety of cool, neutral and warm toned matte shades. I think it's the perfect palette for basics if you're just starting out, don't have many palettes or just love mattes. The shades are very basic - you'd find most of them or something similar in other palettes if you already own quite a few neutral palettes.
With that being said, I still really like the shades in the palette. I especially love the purple shades.
It gives you the ability to create very wearable looks and because they're matte shades, they make very good, basic transition colours for other eye looks.
The pigmentation of the shades are beautiful when swatched, however, these shades definitely work better with a primer. The colours are more intense and pigmented when a primer is used, so I would recommend using a primer if you want your shades to be more pigmented. When used without a primer, the shades are softer and require more layering to get to the intensity that you want, but they do last a long time without a primer as well. So if you want to create a softer look, you won't need a primer.
There was some minor fallout when you tap onto the shadows (mainly the darker ones), but nothing too messy.
The shades are easy to blend but they weren't buttery smooth. Just smooth. Does that even make sense? LOL!
Some shades are more pigmented than others (fashionista - very intense black) and because the shades are matte, a couple of the lighter shades (free spirit, super mom) are a little powdery/chalky, but they're not bad.

Swatches are done without a primer

Swatches are done without a primer

Overall: I do really like this palette as it gives a variety of different matte shades. You can create very wearable daytime and nighttime looks with the shade range. I do recommend that a primer is used for more better pigmentation.
Personally, I love shades that are metallic and shimmery so I do find this palette a little boring if I was to only own this one palette. But I love using these shades in combination with shades from other palettes as transition and depth colours. But again, if you want more of a simple, everyday and wearable look, this palette can create just that.
From what I know, this palette is limited edition, so is it worth getting? Yes and no. If you're someone who loves matte shades, then I would highly recommend this palette. I love the variety of tones and if you love your purples, I think this palettes provides some great purple tones. If you're someone who already owns quite a few palettes or aren't a huge fan of matte shades, then this palette is not really necessary. I love the shades so I don't regret buying this palette at all :)

Have you tried out this palette yet? What do you guys think about an all-matte palette? Let me know!

Until next time, loves!

Stay safe <3

(All products mentioned above was bought with my own money. All opinions are 100% honest and mine)

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  1. *sobs* because this palette is beautiful! I'm so excited cause I will get this palette soon as well! :D I love the pigmentation of it and the colours.

    Great review!

    xx Courtney